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Customer Success
Template Library

Best-in-class templates for Customer Success teams. Easy to use, completely customizable, and vetted by industry experts.

The Best Template to Evaluate Customer Success Platforms

A Customer Success Platform (CSP) can help you scale your business, but if you pick the wrong CSP you’ll waste a lot of resources (time and money down the drain). CSPs aren’t all created equal so it’s your job to evaluate them against your needs. That’s why we created this template to help guide you through your CSP shopping journey. Find a platform that will both align with your current needs, and also grow and scale with you.
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The Best Deck for CS Leaders in the Boardroom

CS leaders have become central to every board meeting. CS metrics and insights show how sustainable the company is, influence future decisions, and impact overall valuations. That’s why we created the best deck ever for CS Leaders in the boardroom. This ready-to-use template gives CS Leaders the structure they need to wow board members by connecting the dots and communicating a strong plan of action for the business.
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The Best Executive Business Review Deck Ever

Strong Executive Business Reviews are critical to the success of every SaaS business, which is why we created the world’s greatest EBR template! This plug-and-play template will drive alignment between CS teams and their customers through engaging sections that cover everything from revisiting success plan goals to product roadmap presentations, and so much more.
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The Best Sales to CS Handoff

The Sales to Customer Success handoff can make or break the customers’ experience. We’ve seen hundreds of handoff templates – some great and others…not so much. That’s why we’ve put together the greatest Sales to CS handoff template ever. Get ready to create a strong partnership between Sales and CS, collect the right information, and deliver the best customer experience ever!
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Hannah B.

Customer Success Operations Manager

"Amazing CS Platform for scaling teams... Easy to manage, scalable, quick onboarding, great customer success team with quick responses that are actually helping you solve the problem and learn more about the platform."

Daphni E.

Head of Customer Success

"Outstanding CS tool with a great team behind it! You don't have to hire an operations team to help manage the tool, it's that easy to use! The support we receive from Catalyst has been amazing! They are always responsive, extremely friendly, and a pleasure to work with. We have only touched the surface and are looking forward to leveraging so much more in Catalyst."